Its Newt Season!


The November rains are here on Cortes Island, and that means the newts are back! My new card - Newt Crossing- features our island's most celebrated salamander.  

Ask anyone on the island what newt season means, and - if they have been paying attention to the bright yellow road signs and pleas from locals - they know to watch out for the tiny endemic species of rough-skinned newts as they make their seasonal migration across the low lying roads to get to forests or ponds on the other side. Sadly, these charismatic little creatures, while toxic to predators, don't stand a chance with cars. 

Red bellied newts and big yellow signs. Another thing that makes this island special is the Newt X-crossing Project run by the local environmental stewardship organization Friends of Cortes Island.  And, for how the signs came about in the first place, this interview  is a fun listen.