Clever Lotus Studio is the production workshop of Melanie Boyle, located on Cortes Island, BC.  Drawing on her background in painting and printmaking, love of folk art, gardens and all things illustrated, in 2005 Melanie started her line of notecards that employ an original combination of handmade paper cutting techniques and digital colour work.

"I started out while living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a town in the Great Lakes region.  Originally from Vancouver, I was thrilled by the brilliant sugar maples in autumn, tiny woodland ephemerals in spring, and the drama of high summer and deep winter landscapes.  Excited to share these discoveries, yet not finding any notecards that featured native plants,  I began to make my own to send to family and friends.  I remember the first time I carted around samples of my work to local shops (on the busiest night of the holiday season!) hoping they would take a few on the spot. Needless to say, I had plenty of cards to send that year!

Available on this site are a selection of some of the many images Melanie has produced since that snowy night.   Check back for updates, new products and projects to come.