Book Illustration

Making pictures for a story is a delectable challenge. There is trust, give and take, moments of inspiration and doubt, all the while in search of that wonderful balance: an image that resonates with the written word - a background singer in harmony and rhythm. 

Here are some of those collaborations. 



Poems by Stephen Leggett, published by Alice Greene & Company, Ann Arbor MI 2021



Pen and ink illustrations and papercuts for The Joyful Child by Norman Ravvin, published by Gaspereau Press, Kentville, Nova Scotia, 2011. Printed and bound under the direction of Gary Dunfield, typeset by Andrew Steeves. 


Collaboration with Alice Greene & Company,  independent publisher of fine poetry. Illustrations and artwork for Dog Heart (2011) and Before the Snow Moon (2013) by Alison Swan; The Ancient Murrelet (2013), Fidelities (2015) and Let Them Be Left (2021) by Keith Taylor; Music Over the Water (2013) by John Repp; Pilgrim (2014) by Holly Wren Spaulding; For All Things in Motion (2021) by Stephen Leggett.  
 Easy Edibles: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Organic Food in the Lower Great Lakes Region written by Sheri Repucci, published by Alice Greene & Company, Ann Arbor, MI  2009


Chapter headings




Hanafuda style illustrations for a collection of haikus


Cary Fagan, The Little Underworld of Edison Wiese, Hungry I Books, Montreal 2003. Edited by Norman Ravvin